Boardbooster VS Tailwind

Both Boardbooster and Tailwind are popular Pinterest Scheduling tools. Which will you choose? Every tool has the advantage and disadvantages, so I think first you have to find the purpose and the services you want. After having decide the purpose you can try both of them for free and see the basic functionalities.


So lets’s start for the price if you want to schedule over 1000 pins/month then Tailwind is a economical choice for you. If you want to schedule below of 500 pins then you can choose Boardbooster that is cheaper.

Scheduling Tools1

Tailwind has two major advantages: one is that is easier having the browser extension and the button inside your Pinterest account and the other is that Tailwind is Approved Pinterest Partner.


Boardbooster for the other side has invest in automation. It has take a lead giving many handy tools that can make your life easier and gain you time. The major tool is the ability to loop pins and source pin content for your Pinterest account. Some disadvantages of Boardbooster is the outdated design and the complicated scheduling procedure. Another  con is the price and the limit of scheduling pins.

tailwind VS boardbooster
 check Unlimited Pinning wrong
  check Best time to PIN   check
 check Analytics  check
 check Approved Pinterest Partner  wrong
 check Browser extension/ easy of use-schedule  wrong
 check Tribes/Groups  check
 check Schedule to Instagram  wrong
 check  Add Collaborators  wrong
 wrong Looping, Campaigns and other automation tools check
 Starting at $10/month Price  Starting at $5/month (Many tools with extra price)
 check Free trial  check


Which one wins? (Boardbooster or Tailwind)

BoardBooster and Tailwind have difference in price, usability and tools. If you want something with automation tools the solution is clear you should choose Boardbooster. The same happens if you want to schedule less than 500 pins then then the Boardbooster is the best choice. But if you want unlimited pins and better web interface then Tailwind is the winner. The Tailwind is the best choice for usability. The Boardbooster not being an approved Pinterest part give a complex scheduling service and little be messy too. Specifically, with BoardBooster you have to create  duplicate secret boards in your account for every board you want to schedule to.

So which should you choose?

Well, if I had to choose, I’d choose both. Simply because I want automation and unlimited pins. You have a huge amount of control over your pinning and your stats.

If you want to read more about Pinterest Scheduling Tools click here.




  1. I’ve heard so much about both of these, but this is a wonderful comparison. I currently use CoSchedule for all my social media right now, but these might be great on top of that.

  2. I am so terrible at pinterest. I have yet to figure out why I would want to schedule pins. I would assume for future posts that I have coming out to make that easier, but I am still using pinterest just as a mood board… That said I know lots of bloggers who use one or the other or both and they all have good things to say.

  3. I’ve heard a lot about the Tailwind but not too much with the Boardbooster. Thanks for making that chart of all of the functions each does and doesn’t do… as of right now I don’t use either, but maybe soon I’ll have to jump on board and make my life a little easier ; )

  4. I am having so many issues with my Pinterest and needs a refresher. Right before reading your post, I was trying to upload a pin in vain. I am about to read your Pinterest interest scheduling which I think I will benefit from.

  5. I love this side by side comparison. Super helpful. I think I am going to give tailwind a try first! But will definitely look into the other one as well!

  6. I have heard such great things about tail wing but I am literally just starting out with Pinterest and still have so much to explore. Such a helpful post.

  7. I have been weighing up whether to get either of these scheduling tools, so thank you for explaining them simply. I will now try a free trial with both to see which I prefer.

  8. Thanks for the easy chart! It helps me to understand the features better. I’m currently looking to work more on my Pinterest so I’ve been researching which program would be best for me. I haven’t heard of Boardbooster, I don’t think. But I may be going with Tailwind.


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