Fix Your Pinterest Profile

As in any social media the first tip is to keep a good image of yourself and your information in the profile. So, to connect with your followers you should give a good description with you and your business. Start sell your work!! You should put your logo or your photo in the profile of the Pinterest acount.

In the description be specific and clear. Do not forget to include keywords to help people find you. After the description you can give a link of your blog in order to connect your blog/ website with the Pinterest. If you want to be more communicative you can your email in public view.


Arrange Your Popular Boards at the Top of Your Profile

Think Pinterest as a magazine. The most popular boards must be at the top as a frontpage of a newspaper/ magazine.

Rewrite your Board Descriptions

Do not be funny or complex with the board description. The descriptions are used to be higher in the searches, so use accurate easy titles. For example if you want to pin for crafts write the word craft or DIY in your title. In the description put some relevant words and do not forget to select the category of the board.

pinterest strategy

Use Pinterest Sceduler

Use Pinterest scheduler to pin it frequently and in all time. Be careful not overpin because these will characteris you as a spammer and you may have many unfollow insintence.

Your Pinning Strategy

Pinterest has many algorithms. First of all you must pint frequently so that Pinterest categorize your Pinterest as an active account.

Be organised and tide. The smart search of the Pinterest appear only the most repined pins. So delete the pins that have no value (no repins, no comments or tried it (notice)).

I suggest to use boardbooster for your strategy. You may clean your boards easily but in big fee, but in a small cost you can organise and automate your strategy.

You can loop your pins in your most popular boards. That can give two valuable results. First, you gain more interaction and second you may clean your boards. The cleaning in this way is happening from the outcome of the looping. Looping make a copy of your pins and republish them in the top. At the end keeps the pin with better interaction. In this way you may gain more interaction and delete automatically the pins with lower interaction.

Second strategy is scheduling the boardbooster to publish pins for popular Pinterest boards from other people to your account. Boardbooster gives you the ability to automate this.

Third strategy is moving the pins to other boards. The movement increasing the Virality Score, the Engagement Score and the Engagement Rate.

Forth strategy is to use the group boards wisely. You can set a schedule campaign where when you publish a new post, the boardbooster publish it to all my relevant group boards. Be wise and set a time between pinning the same pin so not looking like spamming.

All these strategies you may do them without boardbooster. Using boardbooster just saves you time and automates them.

Using all the Boardbooster strategies adapted to your needs you will skyrocket your traffic super fast and earn you money.

The Best Pinterest Scheduler?

Ι use Tailwind for scheduling my pins in Pinterest. Its a well organised and popular tool. The new asset is the join Tribes. For more information read here or check more Pinterest scheduling tools here.


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