Switch to a Business Account and connect your website with your Pinterest account

Pinterest gives you the ability to have full statistics for your Pinterest interaction with your blog or webpage. Its free and valuable. Just give 5 minutes to transform your account. The transformation gives you full analytics, including profile analytics, audience analytics and website analytics (if you have connect it with your Pinterest account). The second advantage from this action is the rich pins. If you have declare your website then you will have the ability to have rich pins when pin from your website.

Copy of Basic Tips to Increase your Pinterest Traffic

Pinnable big images without showing in the post

There is a fact that we have to appear big images in order to create valuable pins. The problem is that the big pins is not always good for the appearance of the site. So the solution is to make big pinable images and ad them in the post using a CSS trick. This code include images that only show up when somebody select to pin the post.

<div style=”display:none;”> place image url here</div>

Create a pin with call to action

All loves the actions and little gifts. SO, you can ad an image that says “Click this pin to make your pin viral” or “Click here to gain the most popular facebook groups”. This gives your readers a push to click to your post.

Basic Tips to Increase your Pinterest Traffic (1)

Use relevant and well-designed images

The images is the most important issue on Pinterest. So study some statistics about the most pinable colors (ex. Red is more clickable than other colors) and other tips. Also, if you want to gain more repins your images should be lighter images with a few dominant colors. Another fact is that photos are more pinnable than graphics.

Pinterest differentiate from other social media. The face of the people is not pinnable. so give your attention to pinterest images tips.

Be careful with what you pin

If you like to repin you should read the material you repin or just give it a glance. If your repin has broken links  or missing links, images that link to irrelevant pages, images to extra slow websites or small images, then you will have a messy pinterest account with low metrics. First you should thing your followers and have a tidy account with right links referation. Second, your Pinterest evaluate your account through these metrics, so be careful.

Give time to fill the titles and tags

Your image title, alt tag, and file name reflect to the image theme. The Pinterest use alt tag in the description, so if you leave it blank there’s no information. The relevant keywords helps Pinterest search engine to show your pins to the smart feed. The SEO strategies are applicable and in the Pinterest.

Popular category boards

The popular categories for pinterest is the following. Use them to gain more followers.

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Fashion
  3. Beauty
  4. Food
  5. Fitness
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Travel
  8. Crafts
  9. Home Decor
  10. Business / Marketing
  11. Parenting
  12. Photography
  13. Weddings / Special events
  14. Gardening

I am the kind of person that love to-do list or check list. So I give you and extra list with actions that you can make to grow your Pinterest.

  1. Create pin-able post titles
  2. Fix Your Pinterest Profile
  3. Arrange Your Popular Boards at the Top of Your Profile
  4. Rewrite your Board Descriptions
  5. Schedule your pins – Pinning Strategy 
  6. Join group boards

Basic Tips to Increase your Pinterest Traffic


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