Dear readers, today I will reveal all my secrets in order to increase Pinterest audience and bring more traffic to your website. But before I start I want to introduce myself in order to evaluate the facts and the strategies I will give you. I am an SEO expert  I have 2 masters in computer science and I am definitely passionate about blogging. I just decide to make my hobby a job. My dream job is my site and the communication with you. So, do not hesitate to comment and start a discussion with me. Apart from my college knowledge, I am a blogger for four years.

Ok now let’s talk about my favorite theme “Pinterest”. Pinterest was the social media that persuade me to become a blogger. Love managing my Pinterest account and post all my favorites. I use the Pinterest as my personal bookmarking. My Pinterest account starts before six years and the love begins. I like the clean design the search results and all the lovely ideas.

In this article I will present standard strategies and some clever tips. All the strategies have been checked and collected from seminars, bloggers, and my own experience.


The goal of this article is to help you grow your Pinterest and your business. Pinterest is the social media that can help you increase your traffic to your blog or anything you want to promote.

Don’t forget the pinterest change A LOT, be aware and keep up with any updates.

Let’s start the analysis of the “9 Simple Steps to Increase Traffic from Pinterest and Gain More Followers”.

1. Upload a Profile Photo and set a nice description

Pinterest profile photo appears everywhere. When someone wants to follow you the first thing that checks is your photo. Also, the first impression that someone gets when sees your post is your profile photo.

Another important and easy step is the writing of the profile description. You have 160 characters to catch the people attention and hit that “Follow” button. So, pay attention to the profile description and say something catchy or describe your blog.


2. Make your blog images pins taller

Attention attention the image is the most important issue in the Pinterest. So let’s focus on these. Research about Pinterest presents that the most popular photos have vivid colors and do not have peoples in the photo. Another and the most important thing about the look of the photo are the dimensions. You should prefer tall images and avoid horizontally images. If you choose small images it probably will get lost in Pinterest’s vertically-oriented feed. So, for either growing your Pinterest account or attracting people to your website, you want stunning photo or use pretty fonts in tall photos.

The recommended dimensions for posting an image to Pinterest are 735 x 1102.

For quick and easy making astonishing photos, you can use one of the two online popular tools PicMonkey and Canva. These tools suggest you the appropriate dimension of the most popular social media giving also beautiful fonts and templates. The following image showing the Canva interface. In the dashboard of the Canva, you can select the dimensions selecting the social media you want to post the photo.


Of course, you can use the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Gimp to design your images.

3. Pin Consistently + Frequently

Your Pinterest account is like a newspaper. If you do not pin you will not gain any new followers, but also if you post a lot of pins then you will look spammy. People will unfollow if you look like spammy account. Another thing that can make you annoying to others is to pin many pins in the same hour. Last but not least, be careful if Pinterest company’s algorithm note that you are spammy then they can get your account suspended.

Let’s study our strategy. What do you want to gain? We want to make our pins visible in as many people as we can. So, we should pin consistently, frequently and in the popular hours. If you use a scheduler tool like tailwindapp or boardbooster then you can see the most popular hours for your crowd and your account. This has helped me have a great blog traffic,  and achieve new fans and collaborations.

With a pin scheduler, you can pin in random hours, and have all the statistics of your repining, comments, followers etc. Also, these schedulers have many tools like repining, clean your board, strategy planning that is extremely helpful.

4. Use SEO-Friendly keywords on your board

As any other social media, Pinterest pins need keywords to make your pins more searchable. Be careful do not set many keywords because that will be a little ugly for your followers. Generally, keywords make your information and products more searchable.

5. Boards order

Do not forget the basic. Your Pinterest is like a storefront window. Keep your most popular boards firsts. You can move your boards like an editorial newsletter. Move the seasonal board back down with the others,  after the season ends.

6. Join Pinterest Group boards and tribes

There a lot of collaborative group boards to Pinterest. You can find the groups here. To participate in the group you should be accepted by the owner of the group/collaborative board. In the collaborative’s board you should join a board that has more followers than you. Moreover, the board should have high repins on many pins to make worth it.

The tribes are collaborative boards that take place to the schedulers account and the results appear to your Pinterest account. Tribes are like promotional groups.

7. Pinterest business account & verify your website URL

One great tool to Pinterest account for business is the statistics. If you change your account to a Pinterest business account then you make statistics available to your account free and easy.

Why should you verify your website URL to your Pinterest account? If you verify your website address, then you apply for rich pins. It makes a big difference on the pins appearance.

9 Simple Steps to Increase Traffic from Pinterest and Gain More Followers TOPSEOHACK.COM

8. Bump up your pins in your own boards

Use the “move it” operation, from the Pinterest, to boost your boards. Select the pins that have the most repins and move it to another of your boards. The procedure is easy: first, you go to a pin, edit it and then move it to another board. The second step is to move it back to the board it was on. Check it and see your pin gets bumped up. It really helps to boost the board and the pin. This tip is only for your own boards not for someone else’s collaborative group board.

9. Participate in Facebook Groups

Be a member of Facebook groups. Be in a team you can promote your blog and your products.  There are many Facebook groups that run Pinterest promotion threads that can help you spread your ideas and products.

Well done you have read it all!!! Know boost your Pinterest and if you need any extra tip send me a message.

Advice: Stop working hard to write articles and hope people will read them, pay attention to promote them. The most popular and worthier way of blog promotion is Pinterest.


  1. Thanks for the article. #8 was new to me! I’ve been trying to find advanced Pinterest tips but it’s been like a needle in a haystack.

  2. This is such a helpful post! I implement just about every strategy you have mentioned here and unfortunately my growth is still very slow for some reason. I will keep plugging along!


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