After setting your blog and implement all the basic SEO tips you should check for easy but valuable SEO techniques. Please, if you are a new blogger read first the basic tips about page speed, duplicate content, easy to crawl etc, here and then continue reading these article.

Here I present 9 quick easy but worthy methods that can set by yourself without the need of paying any money to SEO advisers. These methods are easy for newbies and are on the to-do list for every blogger newbie or expert. These SEO hacks won’t cost you money to implement. You can even implement these in an old blog and make it rise again. Let’s begin our journey implement some easy strategies to help grow your organic audience.

Searching for SEO strategy can be confusing, here are nine simple tips that even newbies can follow!

1. Distribute your home page’s link authority to your most important pages

You should remember that your homepage is like a window of a shop or the first page of a newspaper. Most of the links are naturally attracted by your homepage than any other post or article of your site/ blog.

An important part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy should be checking that link authority gets efficiently directed from your homepage to your most important subpages. If that is not happening you should make changes to ensure it. Another suggestion is to use plain HTML links. Google can render JavaScript and AJAX, but the better method is to use HTML links. Another tip is setting the most important category pages in the top nav.

Links in the body of a page will increase link authority more than navigational links, particularly footer links.

Keep your links structure clean in order to make it easier for the user to find your best stuff quickly.

2. Reduce image size

The load time of your site is the most crucial metric for Google and for user experience. If you have large images then your images will slow down the load time of your website (the site’s conversion rate). You should keep your website loads time as short as possible. It takes only a few seconds difference to determine whether you’re at the top or the bottom of the first page. So, you should reduce all the images to the maximum size needed on the page, and you should save it at an appropriate resolution.

It is easy to optimize your images to a more reasonable size and then re-upload it. This is a crucial hack for improving your site speed. If you want to read more about image resolution and popular plugins press here.

If you want to test your site speed and check your’s site SEO click here for more information.

3. Check for broken links

The broken links can hurt your traffic and your SEO. These can happen on your webpage and your social media account. Search engine crawlers use the links to move from one page to another. If one of those links is broken, the crawler does not continue to the next page. Another matter that can hurt your traffic and your SEO is the links on other websites that are either broken or direct to suspicious content. You can check for broken links with software, WordPress plugins or chrome plugin (for more information click here). The most popular searcher for URLs that are returning a 404 on your site is Google Search Console.

Be careful! If you find an externally linked page with broken link, you should fix it immediately, as it hurts the link authority ranking of your site.


9 quick SEO hacks for the SEO

4. Leverage that posts, article or video that’s not on your main site

To gain brand recognition you can use posts, videos, and microsites. Be careful! If you’re hosting the content on others domain names, you miss the chance to increase your Search Engine Optimization. The links should point to your primary website to get SEO benefit. It is a matter of fact, if you use BuzzFeed then all the inbound links will only help BuzzFeed.

What is your goal? Do you need brand awareness or you need organic traffic to your site? If you need to increase the traffic to your site then you need a link to your site from the syndicated content. Most noteworthy, try to connect all your means. From an SEO perspective, first host that content on your site and after that direct traffic and authority from your site to your landing pages, shop, products etc.

5. Social Content Continue to thrive

Keyword placement is vital for search engine ranking. If you want to have a good spot in the search result you should work for it. Make your research!! The important questions are two. Where can you find good keywords? How can you use these keywords to your benefit?

Let’s begin with the research. Where can I find crucial keywords?

  1. Think how you can search this information.
  2. Search the keywords on your competitors’ sites.
  3. Read dialogs in social media and respective groups
  4. Track dialog in forums and popular questions
  5. Keep an eye on google trends
  6. Found a recurring question
  7. Search for keywords to the AdWords tool

Having that content keywords can make you competitive. Besides, every company on the internet or not should keep an eye on trends, on user needs, and on competitions.

Don’t be lazy!! This strategy is for old bloggers too. Revise your blogs and increase your keywords. Ensure that you have the popular keywords! Also, check that you have the appropriate keywords located in the right places.

For newbies

After the keyword research put the keywords to your titles, headers, images and of course in your content!!

A crawler will comb through your post, make easy for it to track the most popular keywords and rank you to the top.

Keep all these in mind to increase your traffic and be viral! Make it in practice including it in your content strategy.

6. Increase the visibility of your SERP listing with rich snippets

As more and more people surf the web the Search Engines discover new ways to give more relative answers to the search questions. These new ways are a key element to online success. A popular way that SERPs (search engine result pages) using are rich snippets. With rich snippets, every webpage gives more information to its visitors. The information that gives a rich snippet can even be social proof like reviews right in the snippet.

Let’s see what you gain in a rich snippet. Without rich snippet a website shows up on search engines results, display the site title, URL and meta description. When you set Snippets for your website then search engines are now able to display more information like a review, a person, a product, review stars, business and more. This method can increase your click-through rate and bounce rate, but won’t increase your rankings.

9 quick SEO hacks for the SEO newbie-2

7. Use link analysis tools

Let revise what we have seen until now. The units we have to analyze are how Google ranking works. Briefly, let’s say again that google ranking counts our keywords, speed (optimise large images), broken links etc. Now we will discuss authoritative links a statistic that is critical to high Google rankings. Getting such links is a tricky and difficult but valuable quest. How can you make more approachable? The tip here is using your competitors research and knowledge. The next question is: Where you can find them easily? The answer is in hubs. We can recognize as a hub: a magazine, a review site, a blog or a forum. Two tools that can help you identify such hubs are Majestic‘s “Clique Hunter” and SEOprofiler. With these tools, you can approach your competition and make them a link to you. It is not so difficult. If you want to approach them, you can contact them, comment their posts and make all the energies to notice your presence. This method is known as a link building.

8. Get Reviews from Customers (SEO method)

The blog operates as a community. Be a blogger should connect with many communities through social media and blog communities like the WordPress team. Leaving comments on other blogs you make friends that will soon or later give a look at your blog. If you leave a comment you will notice that the blogger asks for your blog/site URL. These give you the opportunity to spread your URL. Some bloggers make visible your name and URL in the comment list.

Another way of increasing your comments is participating in Facebook teams with the respective theme. So, if you are travel blogger you can find teams discussing travel experiences. These teams are communities builder which give time to see your blog and read your point of view.

Of course, if you are a business that sells a product you should increase your customer reviews. The customer reviews do not appeal only to other customers but also affect positively your SEO ranking. Consequently, the reviews show search engines that you are highly recommended and you are not a bot.

9. Mobile Optimization Has Become Crucial SEO

The new tech trends come with user experience needs. Nowadays, people use different devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops) to browse the web. You should implement these needs, on your blog. As a blogger, you should keep an eye on the trends and set your blog to follow them.

First of all, you should check if your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. There is a little tricky. Most noteworthy, your site can be responsive, which means your website can change to any resolution needs but these do not mean that is also and mobile friendly. Optimise everything on your site to achieve mobile friendliness, from colors to fonts and from content to logo design. You can check if your site is mobile friendly using the Googles mobile-friendly search. Also, Google gives you a ranking boost if your site is mobile friendly. Second, you should check your mobile speed. More and more people approach your website with a mobile device. You can use google analytics to see what device your viewers acquire to your website. At least but not less important, you should check how your ads appear in the mobile and optimise them by using ad plugin for your website and by making ads (for example use the propose mobiles ads measure in the adsense platform) only for mobile.

Give time to create SEO strategies for mobile searches.


  1. If only I had read a post like this when I first started my website- it would have been a total game changer! Even still, all of these tips are great reminders for the seasoned blogger. Thanks for pushing me to stay on top of my SEO.

  2. this is a great post to help any blogger learn how to best utilize their links/SEO! Love this and thanks you for the informative article… I should really check my links!


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