Pinterest is a crucial social media for businesses these days. Pinterest as any other social media is time consuming.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Pinterest scheduling tools to help you decrease your effort and post many pins without having to be posting each day.

Scheduling Tools1

1. Tailwind (scheduling Pinterest)

Tailwind is one of my favorite scheduling tools. You can schedule posts and use some pretty neat analytic options. The stats includes the information about your competitors, trending pins, top pinners, and your most influential followers.


I like three features of Tailwind that in my opinion are perfect for a serious blogger (business). The first one is the suggested pins. Choose one of the suggestion it’s easy and quick to add a pin in a click and it’s relevant to the one you just pinned. Another feature is the smart scheduler, which suggest you the best times to schedule according to your impact. Last but not least, there are Tailwind Tribes, which is like Pinterest group boards. You can join tribes or create new ones. It’s a way to increase your repining rate and traffic. It’s more accountable from Pinterest group boards because it will show the number of posting pins in the Tribe and the pins that sharing others. If you are the administration of the tribe is a handy tool to monitor whoever is not following the rules.

Pricing options:

Free Trial available: First 100 pins are free. No credit card required.

Basic plan cost: $14.99/month or $9.99/month when paid for the entire year.

Still haven’t started using Tailwind? You can start the Tailwind click that link.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of TailWind; I will receive a small commission if you click through to TailWind from one of the links in this article and select one of their packages.

 2. Board Booster

Board Booster is a great scheduling tool. In my opinion Tailwind and Board Booster have there one slice in the market. There are two popular scheduling tools with many crucial differences. I thing each tool has its role. So, Board Booster is ideal if you want to make your life extremely easier and save a lot of time. It has many automatic features that you can just set it up and have a beautiful coordinating assistant. Analytical, a great feature is Board Booster Campaigns. It make it easy for you to promote your own material set repining one pin multiple times in days, weeks to different boards. Another helpful and automatic tool is Board Booster Looping that makes your old pins appear again and gain more followers and repins through just the looping algorithm. There is no duplication as the most popular pin win and the other will be deleted automatically.


You can set a URL of the group board as the sourcing board in order to keep up with the rules of the group board. So, you can set the pins that you want to repin and the pins that you want to. To set all this you will need a scheduling and a campaign. You can save hours giving just a couple of minutes to set up.

Another tool, my favorite one is the pin doctor. A little bit expensive but it’s worth it. It’s a cleaning tool that clean your duplication, malicious links, empty links etc. So your Pinterest account will be rise again!!

Give Board Booster a Try.

 3. Buffer

Buffer is one of my favorite all round scheduling tools. You can use it for scheduling in many Social Medias like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So you can schedule a post in all of your social media at once. There is stats available too.


Price: Free for 3 Social Accounts but not Pinterest. Pinning starts with the $10/month. You can also try it free for 7 days.  

4. Ahalogy

Ahalogy is an old Pinterest scheduler with a big waiting list. It is an easy scheduling tool. There is a pull of pins from other members of Ahalogy that you can select to pin. Brands also choose from these pull so if you are lucky a brand can choose to pin your pin to their boards. The pins are scheduling automatically to effective pinning times. You can find easily the pins from top pinterest accounts that is Ahalogy members’ just sorting the list that Ahalogy provide you. They give you also proposed pins that is relative to what you pin. But the main feature that make Ahalogy important is the suggested keywords. Pinterest started to pay attention to keywords so having relevant keywords are essential to being seen on Pinterest.

Price: Free

Scheduling Tools3

5. ViralTag

Like any scheduling Pinterest tool with ViralTag you can set of images or upload your own and schedule to Pinterest. It has three good services the Post Recycling, the service of scheduling posts for Twitter, Facebook etc, and the scheduling calendar. The calendar give you the choice to select a start time and then set intervals between pins posts or set the exact time.


But honestly the price is high and the services are not enough only for Pinterest. So use it for all the social media that offers.

Price: 14 days FREE trial. No credit card required. Paid plans start at $24 per month. 

Scheduling Tools

Extra tips!!

Compine Pinterest scheduling tools

I use two tools Board Booster and Tailwind. I start with using Tailwind but I find that Board Booster have certain tools that are extremely useful. So I use Tailwind for scheduling without a pin limit and I am using Board Booster clever algorithms for cleaning, looping and campaigns. As I have used both I have to admit that Board Booster has many choices but Tailwind is more friendly having the button to the pinterest platform.

This are a huge time saver for me as without tools like that I am restricted to posting every day or posting many pins in certain hour. The only issue I have is that I could not do it from mobile phone because Tailwind has only app for iphone and Board Booster do not give you any phone app. However, I can use Board Booster through my mobile phone but it is difficult without a mobile friendly app.

Scheduling Tools4

PinGroupie (Pinterest list)

If you want to find group boards on Pinterest you can use the lists that provide the website pingroupie .com. The list can be viewed by popularity so you can see those with the biggest following, or most pins or likes. 

  Scheduling Tools2


  1. I am still a newbie on Pinterest and has a lot to learn. I am grateful for all tips I can find to make the experience better.

  2. I’ve heard of the first three, but not the last two services on this list. I currently use CoSchedule for all of my social media and blog posts, but before that, I was using buffer and just pinning manually because I didn’t have the money for these services just yet.

  3. Tailwind is by far my most favorite and the only one that I use these days. I think it’s really convenient and I like that it gives me reports regarding the posts that I’ve scheduled!

  4. Thank you for these. I just started my blog and realize the value of Pinterest but have tons to learn. I am several levels below a newbie. But thank you for showing me what is out there!

  5. I use Tailwind for pretty much all of my Pinterest things but I’ve heard many good things about Board Booster. Maybe I’ll do a combination of both like you.

  6. I haven’t thought on using Pinterest scheduling tools before. Still a newbie at this Blogging world, but will have to use your tips to learn more about pinterest scheduling and it’s benefits.

  7. Thanks for sharing this list. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I haven’t heard of a couple of these programs. I’m wanting to up my game on Pinterest and start scheduling my pins.


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