There are many plugins that can help you improve your WordPress website. However, you should be careful to put only the plugins that you need. If you set many plugins you can hurt your speed and your security.

5 Free Plugins You Need To Improve Your WordPress Website4

The categories of the plugins are

  • image optimization
  • SEO
  • promotion
  • cache etc.

I will give you a combination of plugins that you can use, but you can search and another combinations. Some plugins are not compatible with others but you can figure it out in the installation and you can change it easily.

Today I will give some tips and advice’s about plugins and page speed. You can test your website loading speed with GTMetrix, Pingdom and Google Pagespeed. These webpages can give valuable insights about your website function.

The 5 proposed wordpress plugins are:

1. Sumo

Sumo is not just a plugin but a collection of marketing services. It’s free and very easy to install. It helps you build an email list with List Builder, Scroll Box, Smart Bar, Welcome Mat services that trigger viewer to complete your newsletter form. The templates of forms are clean, highlighted, well-designed and easily customizable.

Another great feature is the social share buttons. The buttons are customizable in color, figure and place. Also, you can change the place of appearance for mobile devices or make the buttons disappear if you have another plugin for mobile devices.

The plugin is popular and free. The viewer’s know the structure of the button and they can find them easy. The plugin helps you increase your social shares and follows. So the goal of growing your traffic can be succeeded with the help of the Sumo.

If you want to have more services you can pay for getting the Content Analytics and Heat Maps.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin with analytics and SEO optimisation services. It gives you many metrics the even the time you right the post. Yoast is easy even for a beginner and requires an installation less of ten minutes.

Yoast SEO features are:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
  • Importing Data from Google Webmaster Tools
  • Built-in robots.txt and .htaccess editor
  • Import/Export SEO data

3. GZip Ninja Speed

GZip Ninja Speed eliminating line breaks, comments, and whitespaces. It just need to install it. It does not have any settings. Why GZip Ninja Speed is important? As we know line breaks, comments, and whitespaces are ignored when the code is running, but we should think that they contribute to the overall file size. So eliminating all these with so easy way we can boost our site speed in a second. If you have a small size the difference will be not noticeable.

4. WP Smush or Compress JPEG & PNG images

The WP Smush or Compress JPEG & PNG images is a free plugin that compress your images on upload. The best way is to  resize image manually before uploading to your website. And set the plugin to resize again the image in every upload.

5. WP Fastest Cache

The most crucial plugin is a cache plugin. With these plugin you can minify HTML, combine CSS, combine JavaScript, and Gzip. You should check some popular cache plugins to find the right one for your site. I choose WP Fastest Cache that is a free, easy, popular plugin and gives me all the options I need. So this plugin will increase the speed of your site by leveraging caching, and minifying code.

5 Free Plugins You Need To Improve Your WordPress Website4


  1. I use both sumo and WP smush and they are great! I used to use Yoast but found another SEO plugin that works better for me, but it takes a little more knowledge of it all than yoast does.

  2. Love this roundup of necessary WordPress plugins- I use many of these and find them extraordinarily helpful. I’ll definitely keep this list in mind as I work on optimizing my site’s photo content. Thanks!

  3. As a new blogger, I am learning how to improve my site. I will follow these tips. I just created a Pinterest account, I will definitely use the tips you provided. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m always looking for new plugins to try out for my WordPress. I already use Yoast SEO but would love to try out WP Fastest Cache.


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